Welcome to the
Julia Reader Creates
Pattern Library

A place where my creativity and love for nature meet! These perfectly-repeating patterns are bright and bubbly and (impatiently) waiting to be brought to life on your products.

All patterns are available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing, with brand collaboration and custom design enquiries most welcome.

Perfectly-repeating patterns

This pattern library features colourful artwork that has been inspired by nature – whether it be colours or shapes, a moment in time or a tribute to the seasons.

With a long-standing background in graphic design and working closely with customers to meet a brief’s requirements, I have a skillset that makes collaborating easy. Need a colour change? No issue. Scale not quite right? We can fix that.

All patterns perfectly repeat, and exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options are available.

Have a question? Connect with me here.

Custom designs

If your product or brand needs an exclusive design then why not consider a custom pattern, made just for you! Through targeted questions and friendly consultation, together we can narrow down on the details of a bespoke design that reflects your brand perfectly. If this option has you interested, then connect with me here.

Brand collaborations

I am absolutely open to collaborating with like-minded brands to bring an idea to life. As I mentioned earlier, my background as a graphic designer has been key to develop my ability to listen carefully and construct a brief that will ‘hit the nail on the head’. Connect with me here if a collaboration sounds like something that suits you.